Why Should We Care About Eating GMO Food?

Tweet The issue with genetically modified food (GMO Food) is not necessarily an argument over the health and nutritious value of the food produced (do your own research). Nor is it that science will have a hard–if not impossible–time staying … Continue reading

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The Future of Energy Efficiency is Here

Tweet Energy efficiency is the biggest renewable energy market that we will see in the coming decade. It is staggering to learn that the U.S. could save 50% of the energy consumed today by most commercial buildings. What is that … Continue reading

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My Personal Revelation (reposted)

Tweet As I reflect back on the past four years — learning, investing, contributing, studying the sustainability space — I decided to repost this blog from 2009. My journey continues… Almost two years ago I took my family to Africa, … Continue reading

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Creating Sustainable Economic Growth

Tweet Reposted The big issue facing the US economy and its government is lack of financial competence. An over levered, bloated government, cannot seem to face the reality of its own solvency? How does a government run without a budget … Continue reading

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Climate Change: A formula to create real WEALTH

Tweet Everyone is slowly talking openly about climate change, as if it just sprang up on the world without any real thought of where and how this came to be. We’ve seen the hottest years and the worst storms we … Continue reading

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Grab a fork … or don’t

Tweet Do you trust your food and how should you eat it?  If you read today’s news, you realize not all food is created equal. In fact, much of today’s industrial food production is focused on engineering food for you to … Continue reading

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The New Capitalist, from the mind of a 14 year old

I just reread my 8th grader’s high school application. I was amazed at two of the essays she wrote: The first was in response to this question, “What one thing do you wish was never invented and why?” And the second was, “What is one course you wish to take that we do not have?” My daughter’s responses were stunning:  “Fracking” and “Social Capitalism”.  Wow! She must be listening and learning from what I am doing, although I don’t remember talking much about these topics. Yet, she was spot on. Continue reading

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What to study in college… or in life?

It costs well over $200k to attend a quality private college or university today. This kind of an investment should produce a return. The world needs high functioning young people that can make a difference.  There is so much talk about the expense of a four-year college degree versus the value of the outcome (e.g. high paying jobs and career), and the reality that few graduates can ever justify cost of their education.  Yet no one is willing to change the educational system, whose costs have risen 12 to 18% per year, while inflation has been rising at 3-4% annually.  This system is, by most measures, not very effective at achieving a desirable outcome. Continue reading

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Going Under Water

The New York Sunday Times did not paint a pretty picture of life in the future for major cities in the US. In the article, “Is this the End?” the author paints a scary view of what happens when the water rises across the country. Not just the kind of water rise shown by Hurricane Sandy, that laid waste to Lower Manhattan, but much more over a broader area.  Just a 5-foot rise (which they argue is probable in the next 100 years) would permanently change most of our major cities. Continue reading

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Everyone has a point of view!

Reading the Wall Street Journal this week, I came across an opinion piece by Matt Ridley, that basically says the data on global warming statistics are off and we will probably only heat up one degree Celsius in the next 80 years. He goes on to intimate that this is good for us and we should stop all the fuss.

This reminded me of the Stanford paper that claimed organic food has no more nutritional value then industrial agriculture produced food.  Of course, the paper neglected to really state the issue of chemicals in the food, the soil, the water and the air. Continue reading

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